Name: Mohab Saber Masoud

First Name: Mohab

Function: Theater director, Producer and Curator

Phone: +20 1224671641

Fax: +203 4859974

E-mail :


CV :

Mohab Saber Masoud is an Egyptian theater director, producer and curator with an intensive focus on performing arts training and production. Mohab is the Executive director of ElMadina for performing and Digital Arts; a cultural institution based in Alexandria since 2000. Mohab also worked previously in many prestigious organizations, as Ashoka (VA, USA). Mohab is a board member of Calypso for Arts & Culture; an international NGO based in Brussels, Coordinator of the U40 Arabesque network of the UNESCO for the Arab region and Tandem network for art managers. Mohab has many publications and participated in various international festivals and conferences.